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The Integratis Group is a leading provider of low cost, low expenses, and thus sustainable savings benefit plans in Canada.


As your partner, we are truly committed to helping you be successful in achieving your goals. When you work with our team, you can rest assured you’re receiving exceptional advice from a recognized leader in the field; one who can anticipate your needs and work hard on your behalf to continually push the needle forward with impressive results.

Through unparalleled industry knowledge and proven experience, we excel at orchestrating more advanced solutions for individuals, businesses and their employees. Since we are not bound to any specific carrier or insurer, we can handpick the best products on the market to design a truly tailored, integrated plan for you.


Create sustainable savings by dramatically reducing the expenses being charged to plans.

Our exclusive ExecuCare™ program

Our exclusive ExecuCare™ program

Our exclusive ImplementationOne™ program

Client appreciation events

Dedicated, service oriented experienced staff


The Integratis Group has an experienced team of financial professionals to design, educate, implement, and advise both the company (Employer) and each plan member (Employee) about retirement savings.    

Our approach:

  1. Deliver personal one-on-one advice to all plan members
  2. Regular reviews    
    • company
    • each employee
  3. lowest possible cost / management fees


We have over 50 years of collective expertise in the design, creation, funding and implementation of group plans. Our clients are treated to a '5-star' service experience with a dedication consultant, analyst and service co-ordinator. We look after the entire enrollment process, including:

  • ongoing education
  • staff training
  • staff presentations, communiques, and memos

We work for our clients, not the insurance companies. We are your advocate. Our plans have the lowest expenses charged to a group plan.


Our Association Plan will cost less than your current arrangement with the same plan design. The advantages of our Association Members employee benefit plans are:

  • group purchasing power
  • significantly lower administrative charges
  • significantly lower adjudication costs
  • custom plan designs
  • one-on-one attention for all plan members
  • dedicated advisor, analyst and customer service representative for each member

For members with an existing group benefits plan - our Associations Plans will always cost less than your current arrangement with no change to plan designs.